7" (2nd edition)
  2nd edition of debut 7 inch available now in an edition of 200.

"A cracking little 15 minute seven inch from new british noise act 'temperatures'. Likened to the likes of lightning bolt, sightings or the dead c but with an early cabaret voltaire / neubaten industrial twist." (Rough Trade)
£3 + P&P

Excerpt from Side 1:
Eksra LP
Ultramarine Records
  awesome new wax from tempes that lumps together four cuts of murky ghlory, taped live with no fancy stuff in a makeshift studio somehwere in london. as with all their salt, eksra was blagged on the spot ansd so never to be repeated except maybe by future robots of super-hi iq.  
£10 + P&P

Track 2 (excerpt):
Lathe-cut 7 inch
Encaustic Records
  ARP are a duo who explore the nuances of minimalist electronic music with the simple use of two Roland synthesizers employed to superb effect. This transparent lathe-cut features one improvised piece spread over two sides of 7 inch vinyl, housed in an attractive zip-lock sleeve and wraparound inlay.  
£5.50 + P&P

  Gentlemen's Relish
An Early Bath for Gentlemen's Relish
  We proudly present 12 tracks of West Country magic. Gentlemen's Relish have concocted a rare strain of mysterious, hilarious, strange and irresistible psychedelic phantasmagoria. Oli Daltrey's village-fete crooning darkly creeps amongst recorders and twangy guitars.  
£5 + P&P

Third in a Knife Fight (edit):

De Longue Haleine
7 inch
Encaustic Records


Limted Edition 3 track De Longue Haleine 7 inch featuring Neil Robinson of Leap Seconds/ARP and Pascale Darchy. Strange, ethereal yet mellifluous synth and flute tones blended with psych drones and scratchy guitar. From the Encaustic Records imprint.

£5.50 + P&P

Crepuscule Avec Andre:
  Pocket - "Ready To Go"
7 inch with free CD
Orchestra Pit Recording Co. #1

The lead track from the single “Ready To Go” should strike a chord with those among us that realise mortality is a reality, but that eventuality should be more than just a formality. Musically it surfs the skirmish that is the primal pleasure of pure rock n’ roll, but with an introspection befitting of someone whose attitude (to life) does not come in the shape of a trilby hat from upper Brick Lane, drawing a pipeline twixt Eddie Cochran and…something else entirely. (Bucks Music Group)

£3 + P&P

Ready To Go:
"Ymir" LP
Heat Retention Records #20

Recorded in 3 hot days of sonic abandon. London dirt drone rock duo Temperatures nail their souls to these 12" of wax presented here. In its grooves they embark on a lyrical and sometimes hysterical bad trip of ham-fisted funk, industrial dub, and passages of wordless contemplation. All live with no overdubs - what you hear is how it was, minus the sweat on our brows and the bees in their bonnets. Read more here: Heathen Harvest review

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Excerpt from Side B:
  George Steeltoe Ensemble
"Church of Yuh" LP
Heat Retention Records #14

Made up of a revolving company of musicians, performing artists and dancers, the George Steeltoe Ensemble can loosely be compared to the Respective Arkestras of Sun Ra and Horace Tapscott. The same communal sensibility thunders from the grooves of the Ensemble's Church of Yuh debut, a passionate gust of free jazz and experimental manipulation that sounds like the Art Ensemble of Chicago jamming with Jackie-O Motherfucker. (wire magazine)

£10 + P&P

Church of Yuh excerpt:
  Our Pheromones Are All Loose
4th harmonic / Encaustic CDR

An overview of London's lo-fi electronic scene, this may not get cockney chests swelling with pride but there's enough to give cause for optimism. Noise informs much of the material. DJ Tendraw & The Gypsies Dog's circuit-bent squeals are the closest the collection comes to power electronics, and both Flames and Cyclamen hark back to 80s cassette experimentalism with their dirt encrusted ritual dronescapes. On a laptop tip, Patten's beatific glitchology blows up periodically into mild gusts of distortion.
There are two really fine pieces here: Oscillatorial Binnage balance acoustic and processed tones with flair and absurdist humour to create a kind of breakneck World music/noise hybrid. But far and away the best track is tapesplice maestro Sculpture's "Noze Musk, the best piece of twitchy splatter since DAT Politics' Wow Twist. The collection is rounded of nicely with Richard Thomas holding a mic out of the window of a speeding car, producing the familiar distorted roar favoured by many noisicians without having to deal with the nasty business of having to stick a contact mic in his mouth. (wire magazine)

£5 + P&P

Sculpture - Nose Musk (excerpt):

Richard Thomas
A Microphone at 95mph:
  Mon Fio
3 inch CD single

Those singing charmers tell us tales of lost love, libraries and how to be a gentleman. Against shuffling rhythms and butter-melting harmonies there will be no Last Tango in Paris just a taste of a world free of war, famine and of course, bad guys.

£3 + P&P

Invisible Ink (excerpt):
  Temperatures/Mobile Unit
Split 7 inch single
4th7002 / Six String Recordings

Temperatures and Mobile Unit split single, available as a limited edition 7" in hand-stickered sleeve. Temperatures are a duo from London, beginning their mutant strain of dirt-rock in 2004. The freaked-out space jam presented on this disc entitled "Kakorr" was recorded on the fly sometime last year in a boho garret in South London. Bass fuzz and synth tones collide saturating all detail over some serious voodoo percussion. As the track breaks down the whole mix transforms into red-hot lava and... (more)

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Kakorr (excerpt):
7 inch single

New Limn record featuring Bebop to the Boolean Boogie and Sir Francis Drake. Handmade sleeve with artwork by Jono Allen. Limited to 200 copies only.

£3 + P&P

Bebop to the boolean boogie (edit):
  Mon Fio
3 inch CD single

The new Mon Fio record is a 3 track triple a side mini-CD

1. Childhood Sweethearts
2. Compilation Song
3. Alexis


£3 + P&P

Childhood Sweethearts (excerpt):
  Temperatures 7"
Numbered limited edition of 219

33 rpm
  A cracking little 15 minute seven inch from new british noise act 'temperatures'. Likened to the likes of lightning bolt, sightings or the dead c but with an early cabaret voltaire / neubaten industrial twist. This is experimental rock music of the highest calibre from a duo that is sure to move onto bigger and better things. (Rough Trade) (more)


Sold Out

Excerpt from A Side:
  Limn EP

This 4 track EP by the young 5 piece instrumental band Limn included the single most exciting piece of music I've heard in the last 6 months- "In The Presence Of Autofluorescence"- a glorious mixture of choppy minimalist riffing which builds towards a teasing and ultimately irresistable tune played on guitar and vibraphone.... watch this band.
(Richard Sanderson - Scaledown/Resonance FM)

£5 + P&P

In the presence of autofluorescence (edit):
  Limn - At the dance of confused particles

A limited edition one-track pocket sized CD single.

£2 + P&P

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