Limn are a band who came together in their current line-up around early 2005. Racton thwacks the guitar and also the lo-end version of said instrument and has also been known to twit the drums on occasions. loom alien is not of this world, but still interfaces nicely with all known musical notes and beats (as well as some other unknown ones). James polydaddles the kit with a gusto, and swaps sticks for mitts with strings from time to time. Sam gaggles the mellifluous notes of guitar, six, and strokes of the drum.
Mon Fio... old-fashioned pop music: ramshackle romanticism, lyrical pesimism and melodic optimism, featuring vibraphone and the occasional sax solo... more...
...a hot stew of lo-end riffage, electronic noise and free-wheeling drumming.

"TEMPERATURES are a drum and bass duo from London. Taking cues from the likes of Sightings, they make metallic, instrumental music with restless energy- precisely militaristic, yet unrelentingly spazzy drums collide with humping bass rhythms and noise drones, to create something strangely hypnotic!" (upset! the rhythm)

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